Sarah Palin picked as McCain’s VP

The Associated Press is reporting that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be McCain’s choice for VP. Apparently, she flew into Dayton last night unbeknowst to many McCain campaign aides. Her bio on wikepedia has already been updated. Palin is an interesting and provocative choice for McCain, but perhaps not as suprising as many people might think. McCain clearly sees the need to balance the progressive ticke of Obama-Biden. Progressive, here, is meant in the good way (race/gener breaking) and in the bad way–Obama is a true old style progressive politician, offering up the government as a solution to economic, social, and cultural ills. Palin is pro-life, and that will play very well in Ohio and other Midwestern states (as well as other key “battleground” states). She also walks the talk–she has 5 chilcdren, delivering her last while serving as governor. The downside is lack of experience–will voters see her as a credible replacement for McCain if he dies in office? That’s an important question for many as they think about casting a vote for someone that will be the oldest person ever elected to the presidency in their first term.