Richmond, VA Mayor Proposes Privatization, Agency Elimination to Close Budget Deficit

The administration in Richmond, Virginia is considering privatization of fleet, trash and printing services, as well as the elimination of two departments, to close a multi-year projected budget deficit. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones will propose to eliminate the city’s departments of general services and emergency management.

If approved by the City Council, the move is expected to save more than $500,000 annually on salaries of four director and deputy director positions that are currently vacant. In addition, it would allow officials to consider outsourcing some services, including fleet management, printing and trash collection, Chief Administrative Officer Byron C. Marshall said today.

Initially, the employees and functions of general services, including the 311 customer service line, animal control and parking services, would be transferred to the departments of utilities, information technology and public works. Similarly, employees and functions of emergency management would be reassigned to the fire department.

The proposal is designed to be the city’s first step toward closing a revenue gap that’s projected to be as high as $30 million annually over the next five years.

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