Regulators with Nothing Better To Do

This video about agriculture department enforcers shutting down a farm selling raw milk in Wisconsin is a bit corny, but does a good job of showing how the Ag enforcers work. It is not an isolated incident, as this video shows.

I have consumed raw milk most of my life. As have virtually everyone who owns or has owned a dairy farm in America. Some people prefer raw milk and seek it out to buy it.

No one goes to the trouble to go out to a dairy and buy raw milk unless they have thought about it, know it is in theory not as safe as pasteurized milk, and decided they want it anyway.

So when ag enforcers say they are protecting people, they are literally only protecting them from themselves. Thanks Momma Gov’t! I don’ know what I’d do without you to save me from me’self!

It is really BS. Raw milk sales are entirely voluntary transactons between adults who know what they are doing. The government has no business interfering with it. But they have the power, and by god they are going to use it!

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