Red and Blue Valentine Sentiments

From Dan Klein:

The Atlantic Ocean separates me from my wife and daughter this Valentine’s Day. At the supermarket a few days ago, I lovingly read dozens of cards. I picked some out and covered them with adoring scribbles. I also sent a card from our cat, Tuco. I covered the envelopes with LOVE 37¢ stamps. I strolled to the mailbox with the envelopes in my hand. They radiated affection. They were deep red. Imagine Valentine’s cards in blue. Blue hearts on blue backgrounds, inside blue envelopes. It would just be wrong. We know in our blood that the color of Valentine’s Day is red. Likewise, the new U.S. political chromatics is just wrong. It emerged during the 2000 election and has stuck. The Democrats, however, should be red, not blue. And for the Republicans, blue is perhaps fitting enough.

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