Reconstruction milestone in Afghanistan

The road from Kabul to Kandahar is complete: The resurfacing of the road, which has reduced the travel time on its 300-mile distance from as much as 30 hours to 6 hours or less, has become the most visible sign of Afghanistan’s postwar reconstruction, which many Afghans say has otherwise been frustratingly slow. It has given the Afghans who live nearby easier access to health care and markets and linked the Pashtun-dominated south with the north. Ok, maybe it’s not quite complete: In truth, the road, whose reconstruction was overseen by the Louis Berger Group, is not totally done: it has only a single layer of asphalt, with additional layers to be laid next spring, when shoulders will be built and signs placed. To read about the contractor who provided security for the construction effort, check out this Privatization Watch interview (page 3).