New at Public-Private Partnerships in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, my colleagues posted a new video on Puerto Rico’s laudable program to entice private investment in public roads, schools and other infrastructure via public-private partnerships:

“At the end of the day, we are benefiting from savings,” explains David Alvarez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Authority. “The government is not dedicating more resources to (infrastructure) and the taxpayers are receiving value.”

Although vital public projects such as schools, roads, and airports have traditionally been the domain of the government, Alvarez tells ReasonTV “it’s important that we incorporate private investment into the infrastructure.” He add that PPP projects add nothing to the public debt and are completed faster and more efficiently than traditional government-administered ventures.

The video, featuring Alvarez, is available at both and YouTube, or it can be viewed directly via the link below.

As I detailed in this May post, Puerto Rico’s PPP program is one of the most robust out there at the moment. For more details, see: