New at Reason: Annual Privatization Report 2010

I’m pleased to announce that today marks the launch of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2010 ( Now in its 24th year of publication, the Annual Privatization Report is the world’s longest running and most comprehensive report on privatization news, developments and trends.

Readers will notice that we’ve made a significant change with APR 2010, publishing it as a series of reports arranged by topic, rather than one consolidated report as in previous years. We expect that this will make it easier to use as a resource and find the information you’re looking for. The individual sections of APR 2010—which will be released over the next two weeks—include:

  • Air Transportation
  • Surface Transportation
  • Federal Privatization
  • State Privatization
  • Local Privatization
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Corrections
  • Water

We started the rollout today with the APR 2010 Air Transportation section. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest news on domestic and international airport privatization, the privatization of airport security – including passenger and baggage screening and the federal Registered Traveler program, and domestic and international trends in air traffic control reform.

Annual Privatization Report 2010: Air Transportation [pdf, 800kB]

Complete Annual Privatization Report 2010