Reason Around the Web: Storming Wall Street in the Examiner

The Washington Examiner and Fulton County Independent Examiner have a profile piece of my recent policy brief “Storming Wall Street” out today:

The next great partisan divide is forthcoming with the debate over regulating Wall Street. President Obama gave a speech earlier this week at the epicenter of the financial world, outlining his ideas of the necessary regulations for the financial sector to prevent another banking crisis. Both Republicans and Democrats recognize that changes are called for in the financial sector, but it should come as no great surprise that they differ greatly on what is needed.

Anthony Randazzo of the Reason Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank with a strong Libertarian lean, authored a policy brief entitled “Storming Wall Street” examining both proposals. Randazzo outlines the following about both Plans.

Read the rest of the Examiner piece here.

See the six-page policy brief Storming Wall Street here.
Also see the 46-page policy study looking at the framework for and principles of financial services regulation here.