Quickóhow much has the earth warmed during the past century?

What was your answer? What would a 100 people selected at random say? They’d probably offer an answer well above the correct one: 0.6 C:

Dr Hans Von Storch, a leading German climate scientist and fervent believer in global warming, is convinced the effect of climate change is being exaggerated. “The alarmists think that climate change is something extremely dangerous, extremely bad and that overselling a little bit, if it serves a good purpose, is not that bad.” Why do the stories that reach the public focus only on the most frightening climate change scenarios? We decided to find out for a [would you believe?]BBC Radio 4 documentary.

Telling quotation here:

It’s a difficult line for all scientists to tread, as we need something ‘exciting’ to have any chance of publishing… to justify our funding,” one scientist wrote us.

Interesting article here.