Private Sector comes to Transportation In Alabama

Last Monday, Montgomery County officials announced a public private partnership for the Outer Loop near Montgomery Alabama. The project has been in the planning stage for over 15 years. In fact the citizens of Alabma had written it off as dead.

Montgomery County officials, along with the attorney for Focus 2000, are convinced if the outer loop is going to be built, this is the way to go; the public-private route and not the road to Washington

The project is a partnership between Focus 2000 and KUD International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kajima,USA . Marvin Suomi, President and CEO of KUD said:

The premise then ââ?¬â?? and now ââ?¬â?? for forming this company was that there are numerous projects in the public sector that will not be built because the conventional means of financing and traditional delivery methods no longer apply. These projects include museums, educational buildings, libraries and athletic facilities. For KUD, they present not only an opportunity but also a responsibility to find a way to ensure that these important institutions be constructed

. The feasibiltiy study could begin immediately and take 6-8 months. Pending (postive) results, construction could begin soon thereafter. County officials said that no money is coming from the state or county, and any federal or state funds already expended will be repaid They went on to say many roads are built in US and internationally with tolls and this ia way to bring the project to fruition without raising taxes. The entire project could connect with I-10 and on to the new airport in Florida Panhandle. This is a great first step and the private sector in action again.