Private Prison Deal Announced in Texas

[Utah-based] Management & Training Corp. said Wednesday it has been awarded contracts worth a combined $62.6 million over 32 months to oversee the Billy Moore, Diboll and Estes correctional centers in northeast Texas. The contracts, awarded by the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, contain options that could extend their total combined value to $165.8 million through August 2015. MTC will assume management of the three prisons on Jan. 15. The base period for the contracts runs through August 2011. The company has a proven track record in Texas, where it already operates six prisons. The three prisons new to its portfolio have a combined inmate capacity of 2,058, bringing the total number of inmate beds under MTC management in Texas to 10,120. MTC said the Billy Moore, Diboll and Estes facilities employ a combined 428 guards and other personnel. The company expects to retain most current employees at all three sites.

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