Peer Reviewed Journal Articles Challenging the Climate Change Consensus

As the debate over climate change and the right policy approaches continues to reach hyperbolic levels, Ken Green has usually provided a sane and reasoned perespective. Ken is an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute who has the notable credentials of a Ph.D. in environmental science and being a former peer reviewer for the International Pannel on Climate Change (IPCC). So, he knows a little about climate science as well as the politics surrounding it.

Recently, Ken gave expert testimony on climate change to the U.S. Senate Commmitee on Finance on the impacts of cap and trade. In follow up questions to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Ken provides an excellent annotated summary of recent academic studies in peer-reviewed journals that challenge the so-called consensus on climate change. It’s well worth a quick read.

Reason Foundation has also published significant work on climate change by Ron Bailey, Shikha Dalmia, and others.