Oregon Says No to New Taxes

The nationwide trend of taxpayers standing up against higher taxes continues. A citizen effort to repeal a tax increase passed by the Oregon legislature turned in a record number of signatures in a record amount of time. Over 145,000 signatures were turned in to the Secretary of State’s office on Wednesday — all but ensuring that the measure will qualify for the February 3rd ballot. Taxpayers in Alabama, California, and Seattle are sending a strong signal to their elected officials. Balance your budgets without hitting our pockets. Competitive sourcing, privatization, and streamlining is a proven policy tool that can save significant money and should become more popular as elected officials are faced with stretched resources without an outlet to raise additional revenue.

Geoffrey Segal is the director of privatization and government reform at Reason Foundation, a nonprofit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. He is also editor of Reason's Privatization Watch.