Oregon Governor MIssing a Part of the Transportation Puzzle

Like ohter states.Oregon is seriously short of transportation funds and struggling to make ends meet. “Oregon falls $1.3 billion short in maintaining state highways to handle the current level of traffic, state officials estimate. That doesn’t include all the deferred maintenance on city and county roadways. ” “The governor proposed about half a dozen tax and fee increases, including a 2-cent gas tax hike, and more than doubling the annual fees for car title and registration. He also would borrow $600 million, raise the tobacco tax by 2 1/2 cents and take $16 million in lottery money to pay for railroad, mass transit and port projects.” We commend the Governor for the experiment of charging for the number of miles traveled.. This is likely to be the wave of the future to replace the gas tax. And

The governor did urge some steps beyond tax and fee increases. He advocates a pilot project that would charge motorists for the miles they actually drive, not the amount of gas they buy

However, missing from his package is a proposal for public private partnerships to bring private sector funding and ideas to solve the “crisis” that Oregon faces. Interesting that this is not a part of of the solutions suggested by the Governor. A missed opportunity indeed.