Note to Wal-Mart Competitors

Don’t be quick to cheer anti-WM legislation, because the next generation of these laws might target you:

Now that Wal-Mart is required under Maryland law to spend at least eight percent of its payroll for employee health benefits, some state lawmakers want smaller businesses to pay up, too. Legislation introduced Wednesday in Annapolis would require all businesses to spend 4.5 percent of their payrolls on health care for both full and part-time employees. As with the larger employer law, the money would either have to be use for company-provided insurance or paid to the state. The bill’s sponsors says the 800,000 Marylanders without health insurance could benefit from the proposal. Small business owners say it will cost them too much, but Prince George’s County Delegate James Hubbards says the legislation will include grants for some businesses to offset the cost.

Article here. Related: Proposed WM Store Stirs Monterey And this piece about WM equipping its trailers with satellite tracking technology is a good reminder of an aspect of WM’s success that’s often overlooked: WM is head-and-shoulders above most of its competitors in inventory management.