Not Your Father’s GOP

Over at RealClearMarkets (a business-news brand extension of the always awesome RealClearPolitics), economist John Tamny pens an interesting hypothetical: Suppose you’ve been on a deserted island since 2000. Returning today and hearing a summary of the current administrations actions over the years, which party would you guess won the 2000 elections? Oh, sure there were the tax cuts. But, after that the list of “accomplishments” is pretty sobering stuff. (Remember the steel tariffs?) You may not want to start your day reading the article–its fairly depressing stuff–but it is an important reminder as we stand poised to adopt sweeping new regulations and a possible nationalization of banks. Oh, and let’s not forget that after this 7+ years “break from economic history.” either Sens. McCain, Clinton or Obama will–like for real people–actually be the next president. Ugh. Me? I’m thinking about shining up those expat shoes and making sure my passport is up-to-date.