Not all lefties like transit–for themselves

One of the most consistent themes in transportation policy is the need to increase funding for transit to give travelers a “choice,” as if the freedom and flexiblity of the automobile is a bad thing. Well, apparently there are a number of activists and lefties in New York City that are screaming mad about losing their parking spaces, even if only temporarily:

For some New Yorkers, the news that an American remake of an award-winning British television series was being shot in their neighborhood might be cause for celebration. But residents of the Amalgamated Houses, a sprawling cooperative in the northwest Bronx, are indignant about the loss of almost 400 on-street parking spaces on Monday and Tuesday, caused by the taping of ABC’s “Life on Mars” in their otherwise quiet neighborhood. The Amalgamated is home to more than a few old-time lefties and activists, and the residents did not take this meekly. Upon learning of the shoot on Thursday, they began lobbying local politicians and officials for a quick fix that would allow them to park a few blocks away. They got their wish ââ?¬â?? permission to park on Goulden Avenue, a desolate stretch between the reservoir and De Witt Clinton High School, with a security guard and a shuttle service provided by the co-op.

Off to the barracades!