“No Cut Too Small”

Just six months into his term as Governor, Mitch Daniels issued his first (of likely many) update on his administration’s efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness. To date, more than $150 million has been saved! Quite an accomplishment. While there are several large projects, and many more on the way, it’s clear that ‘no cut is too small’ to report…and that they really start adding up to real money. Some of my favorites: INDOT has transitioned from a yearly State road map to a two year map which saves tax payers $175,000 every two years. The Department of Agriculture ceased operating a Bed and Breakfast with annual savings of $100,000. Bureau of Motor Vehicles canceled the practice of purchasing bottled water for its home office and branches, resulting in annual savings of $35,000. The Department of Labor ceased the practice of allowing 11 employees that live in counties adjacent to Marion County to work from home (involved paying a multitude of additional expenses including home internet access, long distance phone calls, and mileage reimbursement to drive downtown for meetings). This move will increase employee accountability while saving the Department $30,000 annually. The Hoosier Lottery redesigned their bi-monthly, full color newsletter to retailers to a black and white monthly publication at a savings of $21,670 annually.