New John Stossel Special: No They Can’t! Why Government Fails But Individuals Succeed

I’ll be on the new John Stossel documentary “No They Can’t: Why Government Fails But Individuals Succeed.” The program will air tonight at 10 PM EST & 7 PM PST and the same time Saturday night. For more information go here and read on below:

Politicians say, “Yes, we can!” and claim that they solve our problems.

When the mortgage market crashed, the president said their new law, Dodd-Frank, would create a “new financial system” so such things would never happen again.

After 9/11, Senator Tom Daschle declared “you can’t professionalize if you don’t federalize!” The Senate voted 100-0 to create the TSA to run airport security.

Politicians’ promises are endless. They say they’ll: create jobs, “make college affordable for all,” protect the disabled, give disadvantaged kids a head start and invest in “cutting-edge innovation.”

But they can’t achieve what they promise.

· Billionaire Mark Cuban and other job-creators explain why government’s rules now prevent the job creation that was once America’s hallmark

· Dodd-Frank, instead of stopping fraud, added layers to already incomprehensible banking laws. Stossel shows how simple rules in the Cayman Islands not only stop fraud, but they also create prosperity

· While the TSA creates long lines, misses actual terrorists and angers passengers, screeners working for a private company at one big airport work faster, more cheerfully and find more contraband. We show how the private company does it

· Did you know that the University of Missouri is proud to have a “leisure resort” on campus? Naomi Riley, author of “The Faculty Lounges: And Other Reasons Why You Won’t Get the College Education You Pay For,” explains how government aid led to massive tuition hikes

· Since the Americans With Disabilities Act took effect, fewer disabled people have been able to work

· Lisa Snell from the Reason Foundation explains how the government’s own research found that Head Start did not help poor kids. Government’s response? Spend even more

Government grows, despite its repeated failure.