New Privatization Watch: Focus on Education

If there’s one silver lining of our current economic recession and widespread government fiscal woes, it’s the pressure to do more with less in education. With no money left to blindly throw at the problem, communities are reforming the system itself to better serve the increasingly varied needs of families and students. The data show these reforms are accelerating academic progress, piloting the way for fundamental reform in the way schools do business.

The latest issue of Privatization Watch examines the current state of school reform in the United States. The feature article offers a summary of Reason’s comprehensive new study on student-based budgeting, Weighted Student Formula 2009. The weighted student formula is a policy tool and financing mechanism being used by New York City, Hawaii, Oakland and roughly a dozen other communities nationwide to drive school improvement and create more efficient, transparent and equitable school funding.

This issue also offers an update on the evolving world of school choice, examines the growing interest in noninstructional school services outsourcing, and profiles charter schools’ increasing market share. In addition, this issue features an interview with Foundation for Economic Education Chairman Wayne Olson on the U.S. financial system, monetary policy and government regulation.