New Book on Eminent Domain and Property Rights Available

The infamous Kelo decision in June 2005 sparked renewed interest in eminent domain use and abuse. Dozens of state initiated reform efforts, most focused on reining in the power of government to confiscate private property. Now, Florida State University economist Bruce L. Benson has edited a collection of essays just published by the Independent Institute and Palgrave-McMillan publishing that investigate a wide range of legal, theoretical, empirical, political and economic issues relating to eminent domain and the political economy of its use.

Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined includes articles by Steven Eagle, Ilya Somin, Scott G. Bullock, Peter Boettke, Jonathan Adler, Rick Stroup, Ed Stringham, and many others. My contribution scopes out “The Proper Uses of Eminent Domain for Urban Redevelopment,” asking whether its even necessary as an economic development strategy by examining real-world cases in Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey and the Kelo case. The chapter draws on Reason Foundation’s recent work on eminent domain as well as the in-depth policy study we published just months prior to the Kelo decision in 2005.