National Electronic Tolling Gets Boost is reporting that North American tollers have agreed to create a “hub” for clearing license plates captured on video to assess user fees for cars without transponders. This is a significant step toward ensuring the technology is in place to implement a nationwide system of electronic tolling that accomodates decentralized, market-based competition and implementation.

Most of north America’s tollers have agreed to participate in developing a hub to clear license plate tolls – a key step to improving the reach of all-electronic tolling (AET). At least 37 toll operators including the biggest – MTA B&T, NY Thruway, New Jersey Turnpike, Illinois Tollway, 407ETR, Florida’s Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Harris County Toll, North Texas Toll, Ohio Turnpike, Oklahoma Turnpike, Bay Area Toll – are cooperating to develop a “License Plate Interoperability Hub” (LPIH). see list at bottom of this report

The Allance for Toll Interoperability, an organization spearheaded by the North Carolina Turnpike authority, has issued a Request for Proposals that would include a six month pilot project for up to three hub operators.