Name That Boondoggle!

Here’s Jeff Taylor:

The Charlotte Area Transit System may toss out a name for its long-sought light rail component any minute now, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, burdened as they are by money troubles and pressing questions like how in the world to run a train through the middle of the Uptown convention center without killing anyone (it does help that the building is usually empty) it just is not fair to expect a creative name from the CATS brain-trust. That’s where you come in.

Go here and tell the good folks at the Meck Deck what you think Charlotte’s light rail line should be called. The winner gets a HUGE CASH PRIZE. Well, a prize anyhow … One that you might be able to exchange for cash … Well you shouldn’t be in it for the money! And remember, you’re not just naming a train, you’re naming something that possesses nearly supernatural powers. To get in the mood, it might help to remember what went down at a light rail groundbreaking event in Seattle.