Myths, Lies, and Nasty Behavior

That’s the title of the latest John Stossel special. It airs Friday Jan. 28 at 10pm on ABC. As usual, there will be lots of debunking and skewering of conventional wisdom. The show will cover a grab bag of issues including the sprawl brawl, the tragedy of the commons, and all the hubbub surrounding outsourcing. And speaking of outsourcing, here’s a new measure from Arizona:

It prohibits the state from entering into contracts or taking other actions that results in state government jobs, contract positions or other work being shipped outside the United States.

Funny, that language sounds familiar. Maybe it’s because there are about 150 bills like it out there. Politicians love to tell others how much they hate outsourcing, but if you’re worried about losing your job, you better keep your eye on all those job stealing machines. And don’t forget about those job stealing Americans.