“My God, if you canít be against outsourcing, what the hell can you be against?”

So says Lou Dobbs: CNN’s venerated business anchor, has transformed his nightly 6 p.m. show into a firing squad aimed at corporations and the Bush administration, both of whom, in his view, have exacerbated the unemployment crisis as companies continue to outsource American jobs overseas. On the same day the Republican convention opens, Mr. Dobbs’ book, Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas, will hit bookstores. … Mr. Dobbs makes a curious stand-in as a devout middle-class crusader, but in the past year he has woven a new story: that of a Harvard-educated business journalist turned fiery populist who has become a champion of the American worker. And people seem to be buying it: His ratings are up 19 percent in total viewership from last year. Read on.