My daughter’s take on the economy

My 9 year old daughter had been learning economics and aspires to be a policy wonk. Her take on the “stimulus” and the economy may apeal to some paleo-cons. . . The Importance of Bartering in the Pile of Crud we call an Economy and How it could Stop Inflation By Sequoia Moore Everyone knows that, before being elected, Barack Obama said: “I promise that you will all get jobs and be rich.” His solution, of course, was to inflate. Most Americans out there voted for him because they do not realize that his “Solution” is to make the economy worse, not better. Now, what could stop inflation, recession, and depression all at once, without harming America in the least? The answer is barter. With barter, there are no rising prices because there is no money to spend. Stores will turn into “Trade Booths.” Say you had corn. You could trade that for cloth, take the cloth and trade it for pork, trade the pork for broccoli, and so on. Now you may ask, “What if you have cows, and want a stick of gum? A whole cow for just one piece of gum?” That is simple. Just ask for more gum so you can chew it in the future or trade it fore other things. So you see how much barter could help our country.