Moyers makes a poor case

We’re watching PBS so that you don’t have to… My dedication to sound telecom policy knows no bounds. But since “The Net at Risk,” the third and final installment of PBS series Moyers on America, aired at 9 p.m. in Houston last night, I was able to mellow out beforehand with a glass of wine. Good thing, too. For those who wish to devote their valuable time to this 90-minute peon to the virtues of government control, it can be viewed here. What is wrong with this report? Where do I begin? In an effort to make the case for a number of controversial policy initiatives, “The Net at Risk,” distorts and omits many of the facts about America’s diverse, vibrant and competitive telecommunications industry. Instead, the paints a dark and inaccurate picture of a handful of big corporations poised to strip our Internet and online freedoms in an effort to seize control of this ever dynamic medium.