Most Liberal and Conservative Cities in California

The Sacramento Bee tallied registered voters in all California cities and ranked the 10 most liberal and 10 conservative cities.

The most conservative city was Canyon Lake in Riverside County with just 21.1 percent of its voters registered as Democrats. Number two was Newport Beach also in Southern California. At 63,573, Newport Beach was also the largest on the top 10 conservative list.

Among the most liberal, San Francisco (population 465,362) ranked 10th with just 9.4 percent of its registered voters classifying themselves as Republicans. The most liberal city is Berkeley, with just 4.5 percent of its voters registered as Republicans. Oakland is in the number two spot with 5.9 percent of its voting population registered as a Republican.

Thus, even the most conservative California city is more politically diverse than the top ten most liberal cities in the state despite their much larger size on average.