More States Eye Eminent Domain Reform

As a follow up to this post from Saturday, it looks like the number of states looking to limit the use of eminent domain for economic development purposes is on the rise:

Several states — including Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey and Texas — have legislative eminent-domain bills pending that are aimed at transfers of property to private commercial interests. Several are expected to act this year. One of the first could be Alabama, where Republican Gov. Bob Riley plans to introduce a bill in a mid-July special session of the Legislature. Legislators in two other states, Illinois and Pennsylvania, also plan to introduce bills this month, said ALEC officials who have been monitoring the issue in the states. In Massachusetts, House Minority Leader Brad Jones has filed a nonbinding resolution denouncing the court’s decision that has broad bipartisan support in the heavily Democratic chamber. The Republican said he expects it to “sail through the House,” possibly this week. He also has drafted a statute and a state constitutional amendment, both of which would ban land seizures in the state for commercial purposes.

More here. (via Instapundit)