More Milwaukee Voucher Students Graduate

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on a new study that finds:

New data in a study that compares the high school graduation rates since 2003 of students in Milwaukee Public Schools with those of students in the city’s publicly financed voucher program has concluded that students in voucher schools are about 18% more likely to graduate than their peers in MPS.

The report’s updated findings, to be released Tuesday, refer to low-income students in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

Based on a separate study reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Erin Richards, the annual impact from 3,352 more MPS graduates would include an additional $21.2 million in personal income and $3.6 million in extra tax revenue.

The obligatory Milwaukee school district critic has an odd take on one reason for the difference:

“You have to take into account things like mortality, and the number of students who move to another school,” St. Aubin said.

I have heard a lot of excuses about low graduation rates, but as far as I know Milwaukee doesn’t have that big of a problem with mortality!

This is just more evidence that school choice works and makes the Obama Administration’s abandonment of children in the DC Scholarship Program all the more reprehensible.