Moore Appointed to Infrastructure Advisory Commission

Reason Foundation vice president Adrian Moore has been apppointed to the California Public Infrastructure Advisory Commission. The legislation creating the commission gives it the power to review public-private partnership agreements before the state can enter into them, so it carries a lot of weight in public policy. According to the commission’s web site:

“The Public Infrastructure Advisory Commission is a new auxiliary unit of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. In addition to reviewing proposed P3 agreements, the Commission will assist transportation agencies by: helping to identify suitable P3 opportunities, researching and analyzing P3 projects around the world, assembling a library of best practices and lessons learned, and providing advice and procurement-related services upon request.”

Adrian joins distinguished company on the commission, including the director of the California Dept of Business, Housing and Transportation, the CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the CEO of the Associated General Contractors of California, the CFO of Demand Media, the CFO of the University of California system, and others.

Congratulations Adrian!