Mobility Takes Backseat in Obama Administration

My latest commentary takes a critical look at how the Obama Administration has approached transportation policy. As congestion continues to plague major metropolitan areas, even in a recession, the Administratino is partnering with Senate leadership to delay the multyear reauthorization legislation for 18 months. Unfortunately, this is probably for the best because all the current proposals will likely make matters worse.

As I note in my commentary:

“Thus far, the Obama administration’s approach to transportation policy has been embarrassingly naïve, viewing projects as job creators rather than essential building blocks for a globally competitive economy. But the Oberstar-Mica transportation bill isn’t real reform or good transportation policy either and it should be shelved.

“Ultimately, the solutions to local traffic congestion and rising transportation costs will not be found in Congress or the White House. It’s time to give the states the real power and authority to meet their challenges head-on, while the D.C. establishment plays a supporting role as facilitator rather than the heavy-handed central planner.”

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