Miami HOT lanes a national sensation

The latest HOT lanes project, where buses, carpools and hybrids ride for free, but drivers in other cars can pay a toll to avoid traffic, is a big hit. This AP article about the Miami lanes ran in hundreds of papers around the country.

Attorney David Kubiliun is a typical South Floridian: He lives in a suburb, works in downtown Miami and spends several hours a week sitting in maddening traffic on Interstate 95. Earlier this year, his 14-mile slog home took 50 minutes out of his day, if there weren’t any accidents. “It was murder,” he said. But his evening commute recently got a whole lot better, for a price. Drivers like him can pay anywhere from 25 cents to $6.20 to drive in a new express lane for six miles at or above 45 to 50 mph, guaranteed. Now Kubiliun gets home in 20 minutes. “That thing’s a godsend,” he said. “I can even make it to my kid’s baseball practice.”