Market Urbanism

I just ran across the Market Urbanism web site, and it has a lot of really good analysis and resources available for anyone following urban policy issues. The sub-title of the web site is “Urbanism for Capitalists/Capitalism for Urbanists”. The blog includes lots of references to F.A. Hayek, free markets, and even takes the Cato Institute to task for advocating “socialism for roads.”

As the website’s author describes his purpose:

In this blog I intend to introduce free-market thought to urbanists, and introduce urbanism to market advocates. I also hope to incorporate some ideas relating to environmentalism in the built environment. I like to refer to the connections between free-market economic thought, urbanism, and environmentalism as “Market Urbanism.”

This site is well organized and designed. I think it’s a great addition to the debate and discussion, and its refreshing to see a new voice enter into the fray.

Free market approaches to urban policy are not new to Reason Foundation, of course. We helped frame the debate on market-oriented planning when we started the urban policy program more than 10 years ago now. A current project in Houston should really take market-oriented planning to a new, contemporary level.

I look forward to reporting more from this site in the near future.