Man With Almost No Brain Led Normal Life As Civil Servant

According to, “French doctors are puzzling over the case of 44-year-old civil servant who has led a quite normal life — but with an extraordinarily tiny brain.” This one was just too ironic not to mention! It is amazing that this man survived his condition but, the fact that he worked for the government as a civil servant, the French at that, and no one ever noticed an inefficiency, a slow turn around time, or unproductive work habits doesn’t surprise me. Dr. Lionel Feuillet reported to Fox News “The brain itself, meaning the grey matter and white matter, was completely crushed against the sides of the skull. The images were most unusual… the brain was virtually absent.” After undergoing further neuropsychological testing, it was discovered that the man had an IQ of 75. Most people in society have at least an IQ score of 85. However, the article made it very clear that this didn’t hinder the man from working as a civil servant. We need to send the Frenchies our Annual Privatization Report and encourage them to form public-private partnerships. That way they might end up with two tiny French brains instead of just one 🙂