Louisiana Commission on Streamlining Government Begins Work Today

In good news for Louisiana taxpayers, the new Commission on Streamlining Government is begins its work today with its first meeting in Baton Rouge:

The commission is an initiative of Gov. Bobby Jindal, the first-term Republican, who wants to reduce the size and cost of state government and improve services and efficiency. The panel was established by Senate Bill 261, passed in the 2009 regular legislative session.

The commission will analyze each state agency, with an eye toward eliminating, downsizing or consolidating some agencies and out-sourcing the work of some to the private sector.

The commission is required to submit its initial recommendations by Dec. 15 in a report to Jindal, the House speaker, the Senate president, the Senate and House governmental affairs committees and the commissioner of administration. Recommendations for reorganizing state government are due by Jan. 4.

For more on the Commission on Streamlining Government and how it offers an opportunity to “right-size” state government and do more with less, see my posts here, here, here and here.

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