Los Angeles Charter Schools are the Way to Go

Hat tip to Joanne Jacobs, who is also hosting the Carnival of Education today.

In the Los Angeles Daily News, the California Charter Schools Association President, Jed Wallace, explains why charter schools are the way to go in LA and for the state of California.

Charter schools also offer the greatest hope for reforming public education in Los Angeles. The data coming in is simply irrefutable: More than 70 percent of charter schools in Los Angeles outperform their nearby district public schools. This past week, 10 of Los Angeles’s 12 recently recognized California Distinguished Schools were charter schools. On a statewide level, 12 of the state’s 15 highest-performing public schools serving low-income students are charter schools.

Wallace also notes how much better the charter school movement is at building school facilities:

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools celebrated the completion of the Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science charter school facility – a project that was completed at one-third the cost of a typical district facility project, and not one penny of public funding went into the building.