Longing for a JetBlue Education Model

Competition works and fast. I love JetBlue. Via today’s Los Angeles Times: Even as rising fuel costs are grounding weaker airlines — including three this month — airline competition is heating up for travelers flying the Pacific coast. On the runway is JetBlue Airways Corp. with new 100-seat jets that will begin flying next month from Long Beach up and down the coast in a move that financial analysts say may be bold but risky. Next month, the low-fare carrier, popular with Southern California leisure travelers, is adding six flights from Long Beach to San Jose, Seattle and Austin, connecting some of the nation’s top tech-heavy cities. Long Beach passengers can fly one-way to San Jose for $39. JetBlue rivals aren’t standing around fretting. They are fighting back, increasing flights and cutting fares all along the coast. “You’ve got a lot of competition out there unlike the East Coast where subpar service allowed JetBlue to make inroads by treating customers well,” said Michael Boyd, an aviation consultant in Evergreen, Colo. “Alaska and Southwest are also known for treating customers well.” If only schools had a real orientation towards customers.