Links to Trasportation, Land Use, Smart Growth in the News

The American Dream Coalition, an organization focused on educating and informing citizens on land use, transportation, and growth management issues from a private property rights and free market perspective, has a weekly newsletter of news links well worth the free subscription.

As the coalition describes “The American Dream Communicator’s” purpose:

The American Dream Communicator is a weekly round-up of news and opinion about public policy in America’s cities and metropolitan areas. Issues affecting mobility and transportation, land use and housing affordability and related matters of economic development, property rights and grassroots activism in the cause of freedom often get overlooked in the national news. Yet by pulling together news reports and commentary from different parts of the country, common themes and patterns begin to emerge.

Here’s a sampling from the September 11th edition on Moblity and Transportation:

Mobility & Transportation
The Costs of Climate Change Strategies, Who Will Tell People? — Wendel Cox, New Geography
Senator muscles U.S. for Vancouver light rail money — The Oregonian
NYSDOT: $19.9 Million in Stimulus Money to Fund Transit — Read Media, New York
Phoenix to sell 7 properties it bought for light-rail facilities — AZCentral
Light-rail settlement to cost $36.7 million — Ottawa Citizen
Honolulu residents paying $4,000 per person for light rail — Honolulu Advertiser
Missouri S.C. won’t hear appeal regarding light-rail plan — Kansas City Business Journal
D.C. Metro Predicts Shortfall, Talks Fare Hike — Washington Post
VTA proposes bus, light rail cuts — San Jose Business Journal
Tenants Evicted by Metro Transit Authority to make way for subway — New York Times
Sacramento light-rail factory is hiring — Sacramento Bee
Cyclist dies after collision with Toronto streetcar — National Post, Canada
Metro employee struck by train, seriously injured — Washington Examiner
Light rail train derailed in Phoenix crash, 7 hurt — ABC-15, Arizona
Pedestrian Hit By Light-Rail Train in Minneapolis — KSTP-TV, Minneapolis
Traffic circles stir more controversy in Ahwatukee — AZCentral
Big traffic calming schemes increase emissions – Environmental Data Interactive
PODCARS – A Personal Rapid Transit primer — Miami Examiner
America’s Ten Best Transportation Projects Unveiled —

This is a great new resource for those following these issues on the state and local level and who want to be kept up to date with events around the nation.