Less Than Half??

Education Week released their latest study on graduation rates. They aren’t alarmists, but reading between the lines is pretty freakin scary. Nationally, only around 70% of 9th graders will actually graduate high school. That’s the good news. In Nevada, only 45% of 9th graders will get their high school diploma. So, the majority of 9th graders in the Silver State won’t graduate high school. Again, High School. In…the…United…States…of…America. When I speak on immigration, I often hear that “they won’t assimuate into our culture”. Of course they do, but reading this report makes me hope they won’t.

Michael Flynn is Director of Government Affairs for the Reason Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank whose mission is to advance a free society by developing, applying, and promoting libertarian principles, including individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.