Lee County, Florida Looking at Pragmatic Solutions

A recent study by Reason and my colleague Bob Poole recommended some interesting potential solutions to the Lee County congestion problems. An article in Naples News provides a good summary. A couple of highlights:

Poole said the Travel Time Index, a measure of time lost to congestion, is 50 percent worse in Lee County than in the average small urban area. The projections make it worse here in 2030 than it is in Tampa or Orlando today.

The study recommended tolls for “queu jumpers” meaning underpasses or overpasses for the congested intersections.

Lee County Commission Chairman Ray Judah said tolling is a pragmatic and realistic consideration

“Just look at the shortfall in the 2030 transportation plan,” he said. “Look at the state scaling back funding for the transportation system. They cut $1.3 billion last session just from our district. The federal transportation program is ready to go bankrupt. We have to look at the most viable options that remain.”

An interesting study, worth reading and perhaps offers a solution for Lee County traffic congestion.