Latest PMA Score Card Released

OMB released the latest President’s Management Agenda score card last week. Government Executive has the highlights:

Federal agencies saw modest improvements on the latest Bush administration quarterly management score card, with the biggest gains evident in e-government initiatives. Eight of 26 agencies improved their e-government grades on the traffic-light-style President’s Management Agenda score card for the first-quarter of fiscal 2006, which ended Dec. 31, 2005. Only the Transportation Department was downgraded in that area. The Office of Management and Budget published the scores Thursday. . . . . Agencies continued to show relatively poor results in financial performance, however. Two agencies suffered dramatic drops in that area — the General Services Administration and Energy Department moved from green to red lights, indicating “unsatisfactory” performances. The Smithsonian Institution jumped in the other direction, moving from red to green, signaling “success.” The Office of Personnel Management saw a more modest change, improving to yellow, for “mixed results.” Overall, the financial performance category on the score card remained bathed in red as 24 agencies continued to struggle with rules that require annual audits. While 19 of those agencies merited clean audits for the past year, many were held back on the score card by “material weaknesses.” In the most recent ratings, 17 agencies obtained red scores in financial management, while only eight earned a green mark. Management initiatives related to human capital, the opening of federal jobs to competition from contractors, and the linking of budget and performance results were stable, with just two agencies seeing changes.

The PMA score card is published here, though as of today the latest results haven’t been posted yet.