Just change the debate topic

In the wake of our nation’s financial turmoil, John McCain is being, well, John McCain. The decisive, determined, shoot first ask questions later, maverick is suspending his Presidential campaign and encouraging Obama to join him in Washington to figure out a solution to the problem. He has suggested suspending the foreign policy debate on Friday so that America can “come together” to solve Wall Street’s issues. But Obama is won’t back down. “Presidents should be able to handle more than one thing at a time,” he said. He said he’s planning for the debate Friday and the debate commission said the debate is still on. But at this point, a debate on foreign policy will be completely washed away in the financial crisis. If Obama and McCain are serious about this campaign being about real issues and not just doing the whole presidential politics thing then they should just CHANGE THE DEBATE TOPIC. There are many possibilities, but a good suggestion might be… the economy. There is a debate scheduled for later in the election to debate economic and domestic policy, they could simply switch the topics. That way they can continue working on the issue and show America how they would handle the situation differently as President. The scenario is ready made to show what kind of leader they would be. And no one should complain they don’t have time to prepare. 1) They are campaigning to be President of the United State of America–shouldn’t they already be prepared? 2) What have they been doing the past couple weeks other than think and talk about this?