Jeb Gets Privatization Game Plan

Seeing a need beyond piece-meal privatization efforts, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has initiated a comprehensive plan. The Deparment of Management Services will oversee the plan, and among other things they are tasked with identifying outsourcing opportunities the state can undertake over the next 35 months. Additionally DMS will: ï “Establish a Center of Excellence, using existing resources from across the agencies, to develop statewide outsourcing standards and a business-case template applicable to any proposed outsourcing project. ï “Review existing outsourcing plans within the state agencies to ensure compliance with Center of Excellence standards and business case, execution of effective contract language with vendors and implementation of successful change management. ï “Create an oversight board comprised of the secretary (of DMS) and at least three other agency heads to oversee the progress of the efforts, review current practices and develop a list of best practices.”