Innovation at the State Level

The Commission for a New Georgia asks the fundamental questions of how government operates. But more importantly, how government should operate as well. They fill an all too common void in most statehouses where the needs of the bureaucracy are put ahead of those of the taxpayer. Governments’ ultimate responsibility is to provide high quality services at a reasonable cost to taxpayers. That is the mission of the Commission for a New Georgia. Sadly these efforts often fail because of a lack of implementation. How many “blue-ribbon” commissions have been created throughout the years? Usually all we can show for their effort is a nice report. Once again, that’s where the Commission for New Georgia sets itself apart. In just a short time many of their recommendations have been implemented, saving taxpayer dollars and improving customer service. The Commission for a New Georgia has established itself as a pioneer and a leader.

Geoffrey Segal is the director of privatization and government reform at Reason Foundation, a nonprofit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. He is also editor of Reason's Privatization Watch.