Implementing Partnerships in California

The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships is holding a workshop on January 20th in Sacramento.

California is becoming part of the national and international trend toward the use of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Explore the rapid growth in the use of this tool, and the implications for its use in the areas of economic development, energy, transportation and water projects, as well as the delivery of public services.

The program will be conducted by nationally recognized authorities on the implementation and management of PPPs in all of these areas.

I am one of the speakers, and it looks like a good program overall in spite of that. More info and registration here.

Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore, Ph.D., is vice president of policy at Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. Moore leads Reason's policy implementation efforts and conducts his own research on topics such as privatization, government and regulatory reform, air quality, transportation and urban growth, prisons and utilities.