Ignore The Little Man Behind the Curtain!

President Bush’s Saturday radio address was a knee slapper.

When you decide how to spend your paycheck, you have to set priorities and live within your means. Congress needs to do the same thing with the money you send to Washington. That was one of the clear messages American voters sent in the mid-term elections. And one of the best ways we can impose more discipline on federal spending is by addressing the problem of earmarks.

Sooooooo. In other words: Ignore the fact that Congress and I spent money like drunken Paris Hiltons for the past 6 years. I.e. ignore that little man behind the curtain, says the great Oz. Really, we are now going to get serious about not spending so much. Of course, we don’t have so much control over spending now. . . What really chaps my hide is that he decides to focus on earmarks!! Sure earmarks suck and lead to lots of stupid spending. But it is trivial compared to the ponderous, bloated major spending programs. Hey President, how about taking responsibility for your part in overspending and going back to your 2000 ideas about using actual performance to evaluate spending priorities?