“If you won’t buckle up to save your life then maybe you’ll buckle up to save $65î

Wow, has it really come to that? That quotation comes from a Michigan Police Chief who wants to warn seat belt law violators that the nationwide “Click It or Ticket” campaign has begun. In some areas cops hand out fines as high as $200. They even set up checkpoints, which apart from the usual civil rights concerns, seems especially absurd now given the new terror warnings. Seatbelt laws are, of course, only one way politicians try to protect us from ourselves. At some point even those who aren’t bothered by our growing nannymust consider the tradeoffs. Is going after beltless drivers the best use of a cops time? After all, if the guy driving next to you isn’t wearing his seat belt that’s his choice, and he’s not making you any less safe. What about all those dangerous drivers who endanger all of us? Shouldn’t law protect the peaceful people from the dangerous?