Hummer Fires Look Like Eco-Terror

Wow, and I was just kidding in my previous post when I suggested that thieving environmentalists were behind SUVs high theft rate. Looks like the self-righteous have opted for arson instead: Fire raged through a Hummer dealership in the Los Angeles area Friday morning, and graffiti spray-painted on many of the damaged vehicles indicate that the fire was set intentionally. The fire broke out at Clippenger Chevrolet at 1900 E. Garvey Ave., just south of the Interstate 10 freeway in West Covina. By the time firefighters arrived, the dealership showroom was engulfed in flames and dozens of expensive sport utility vehicles were burning in the outside lot… Video from the helicopter of NBC 7/39’s sister station in Los Angeles showed “I love pollution” painted on the hood of one Hummer and “Fat lazy Americans” sprayed on the side of another. One vehicle had the letters “ELF” sprayed on a door. “We’ve asked for federal assistance from (the) FBI and ATF on the investigation of the fire,” Greene said. On Aug. 1, a banner was found at an arson that destroyed a large apartment project in San Diego. The banner said, “If you build it, we will burn it. ELF.”