Housing, Land Use, and Growth Management News Links

The American Dream Coalition has culled together another interesting set of links to news on housing, land use, and growth management:

The Fed and Asset Bubbles: Beyond Superficiality — Wendell Cox, New Geography
Capping Emissions, Trading On The Future — Joel Kotkin, New Geography

Suburbs See a Challenge as Residents Grow Older — New York Times

Change in N.J. affordable-home rules stymies builders — Philadelphia Business Today

County’s Housing Element is fraudulent — Times-Standard, California

Daley’s Shadow Budget Revealed — NBC-Chicago

Central School still plans suit to stop TIF district —, Illinois

Jackson County threatens TIF lawsuit against Kansas City — Kansas City Business Journal

A Reminder About Eminent Domain And Government Power —

Battle over eminent domain, SeaTac development intensifies — Highland Times, Washington

High court affirms ruling in OSU eminent domain case — Joplin Globe, Oklahoma

Eminent domain ruling will cost Fall River another $2.1M — Herald News, Massachusettes

Also, here are a few others of interest:

New Urbanism

Will New Urbanists Deliver A Home-Win With Miami 21? —Richard Reep, New Geography
Message >From Copenhagen: Climate Plan Must Include Walkable Urbanism — DC Streetsblog

The European Model

The European Model Gets A Makeover — Shane Leavy, New Geography

There is no “Free Market” Housing Solution — Ian Abley, New Geography

Driver in shock as drilling crushes subway train — The Local, Sweden

Not So Sustainable

SunRail Will Produce Few Benefits and Cost Millions — Heartland Institute

Rethinking Green: Save the environment: Don’t take transit — National Post

Plundering California — Steven Greenhut, Wall Street Journal

Council approves transit-heavy budget — Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada